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What are specialty rentals?    

Any unique item that will make your event special for you and your guests.  We provide unique seating options that will create the ambiance you envision!  Our collection includes, but is not limited to, sofas, settees, chairs, benches, tables, and rugs; vintage and new, elegant, and casual.

What are your prices?         

Our pricing varies by the item. 

    ~ Sofas and settees $185-$270
    ~ Upholstered chairs $50-$125
    ~ End tables and coffee tables $25-$125
    ~ Rugs $50+ 

These prices are for a one to three-day rental and include a “peace of mind damage” fee.  However, if extensive damage occurs a fee of three times the rental rate will apply.  (see below for definition of “extensive damage”)


What is your delivery fee? 

Delivery fees are based on the amount of furniture and delivery distance.  We generally deliver to Belmont, NC and surrounding areas


Can I pick up the items I’m renting?    

Furniture can be picked up with a minimum rental of $300.  We require clean and adequate transportation be used.  Care is necessary in loading, unloading, and transporting the furniture.  Day and time of pick up/return will depend on the time and location of your event.

Is a deposit required?     

We require a 50% non-refundable deposit due at the time of reservation.


When is the remaining balance due?  

The remaining balance is due two weeks prior to your event.


Can I add or remove items I reserved once the deposit has been paid?    

You can add or replace items at any time, as long as the item is available.  Items can be replaced at equal or greater value, however, not eliminated.


Do you rent furniture for photo shoots?  

We love to partner with photographers and event planners!  Give us a call, 704.839.6196, to discuss your desired items and pickup/delivery options.  We do require that images of our furniture be shared with us in a reasonable amount of time.


How do I get a quote and reserve the items I want?
Send us an email listing the items you are interested in, along with your event date and location, to, and we will provide you with a written proposal.  


If items I am interested in are unavailable, will you provide alternative suggestions? 
Yes, we have a variety of inventory that will allow us to suggest alternatives.

We will provide one week for you to make a decision on our proposal.  After one week your proposal will expire and the items will become available to other clients.  To reserve your items, a 50% non-refundable deposit and signed agreement is required.  The remaining balance is due two weeks prior to your event.

You may be in the early stages of your event planning, however, we would love to talk about what you envision.  SoulShine would be honored to participate in your “good for the soul moment”! 

May I look at your items in person?

Of course!  Give us a call, 704.839.6196 or 540.761.9920, and we will set up an appointment.

What forms of payment do you accept?    

We accept payments via Venmo and Zelle.

Our event is planned for the outdoors, what happens if the weather is bad?  Do you offer refunds?  

Bad weather is always a possibility.  We cannot make last-minute changes and we do not offer refunds due to weather.  We want your event to be special, so please make arrangements to protect the event, and your investment, by having a “Plan B”.

What if we damage or break something?     

We know things happen and do not want you stressing about that, so your quote will include a 6% “peace of mind damage fee” that covers normal wear and tear, small nicks, and removable stains on furniture.  However, the fee does not cover extensive damage, such as damage due to weather, negligence, or missing items.  If extensive damage occurs, you will be charged three times the rental price of the item.

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