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Meet The Team


Monique DeAngelis-Morey


Hi my name is Monique, and together with my sister Gina, created SoulShine.  SoulShine is a specialty furniture rental resource for your good for the soul moments.


SoulShine was created by the culmination of two poignant events in my life:  The wedding of my oldest child and the passing of a close friend.


My husband and I hosted our oldest daughter’s evening wedding in our backyard.  It was beautiful!  The yard was lit with outdoor lights; farmhouse tables lined the creek; a makeshift bar created by barrels and a vintage wooden door; fresh cut flowers were everywhere; and in the center, under a large white oak tree, was a vignette of soft seating furniture that completed the ambiance of the evening joining two families.  It was truly amazing!  Simple yet elegant.  We high-fived each other for weeks!


In creating a setting so special, it became a recurring thought to own a venue and provide a space for special occasions.  My family loved the idea, the few friends I shared it with were encouraging.  It became a thing…somewhat of an obsession.  Then, during the excitement and the commitment I began to analyze it, doubt myself, my ability, the possibilities, and thought a lot about the obstacles.


During all of this, a very dear friend was optimistically fighting cancer.  Shaunda was a coworker who became a special person in my life.  She was a beautiful Soul.  Her laughter was heard throughout school every day, she loved deeply, did not judge.  Kind.  Playful.  Trustworthy.  Giving.  Her eyes radiated joy.  She was a reflection of her love of Christ.  Soon after her cancer diagnosis, “Sunshine for Shaunda” was created as a slogan for encouragement.  Images of sunshine have taken on a very special meaning to many folks.


Shaunda passed July 27, 2018.  After her beautiful funeral service, I sat on a park bench and had a conversation with God.  I could not return to life as if nothing had changed.  I had to do something with my life to honor her life.  And I knew exactly what that meant for me.  I knew it was time that I seek and trust God... life... journey.


I realized that I trusted Him in all areas of my children's lives:  health, world travel, life choices; and with my husband’s self-employment and entrepreneurial spirit.  Soul searching allowed me to see that I trusted God with so much, yet never really allowed myself to be a part of the focus.  It was easier to trust Him with my family and others than seek growth for myself.  This was a HUGE lightbulb moment!  It was time to change.  To be brave, bold, and step outside of my safe place, to be vulnerable. 


It is time for SoulShine!


In life we experience joyful and somber occasions and within these times are moments good for the soul.  I consider good for the soul moments as a moment, of any length, that enriches.  It has an impact that makes one feel, appreciate, grow;  seeing a simple act of kindness by observing others, the sound of laughter, a yellow butterfly at just the right moment, the gathering of people we care about.  SoulShine was created to provide an inviting space for folks to gather, recognize, and embrace the good for the soul moments!  Whether a backyard wedding or a gathering to honor another, we walk away differently than when we arrived because while together, we experienced good for the soul moments. This is life enriched!


Let the moments make your SoulShine!


Phase 1: SoulShine Specialty Furniture Rentals

Phase 2: SoulShine the Venue (is in the prayer stage)

* * *


Gina DeAngelis


Hi, I am Gina.  While helping with the preparations of my niece’s backyard wedding, I experienced many emotions. Here, I will focus on the exhilaration I felt regarding the ambiance we created under the blanket of stars!  It brought me so much joy and excitement!  That, coupled with my love of vintage and unique furniture, lit a flame inside me to pursue a service of helping others create their perfect ambiance, regardless of the occasion.  


I am having a wonderful time sharing this experience with my sister and look forward to helping you with your good for the soul moments. So, I thank you for your interest in learning more about SoulShine and considering our assistance for your special occasion.  


We don’t always realize it at the time, however, all occasions, whether heavy or light, are good for our souls.

* * *

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